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Swimming pools are lovely. Until they aren’t. The following are the top 10 reasons homeowners site for inground pool removal in NJ:

  1. It’s not getting used.
    It’s not unusual for pool usage to decline over time. Children grow up and move away, or interests change; whatever the reasons, pools are far too much trouble to maintain if they aren’t getting used. Pool removal costs money, but it’s money well spent if you aren’t swimming.
  2. You never really wanted it.
    Many homeowners purchase a home with an existing pool and opt to remove it once the purchase is final. The presence of unwanted swimming should never deter a home purchase; pool removal is an inexpensive, hassle-free solution.
  3. The pool is in rough shape.
    Swimming pools require maintenance as they age. Tiles need to be replaced, concrete needs resurfacing, or cracks and peeling need repair. Depending on how you feel about your pool, it may be less expensive to remove a pool than make costly repairs.
  4. You’re tired of the maintenance.
    Swimming pool maintenance can be a chore, especially if you don’t love the pool. Managing chemicals, vacuuming debris, and other general upkeep tasks drain your energy as well as your wallet.
  5. You want to reduce liability.
    A home with a swimming pool costs more to insure. This higher cost is significant, especially if you are planning to rent the house. Swimming pool removal reduces liability and insurance costs.
  6. You are concerned about safety.
    There’s no getting around the fact that swimming pools create a safety hazard in your backyard. Removing your pool eliminates the need to constantly supervise the pool area or worry when small children are around.
  7. You want to do other things in your yard.
    A backyard swimming occupies quite a bit of real estate and can make other backyard projects prohibitive. And, while the pool is a natural gathering place in warmer months, it can make your yard challenging to enjoy at different times of the year.
  8. It’s in the way of a home addition.
    When the swimming pool is in the way of a more oversized kitchen or an extra bedroom, it’s time for the pool to go.
  9. You’re selling your home.
    The truth is, not everyone wants a swimming pool. While your backyard swimming pool might draw in a buyer or two, your house will appeal to a broader swath of buyers without a pool.
  10. You want to save money.
    Swimming pools cost money to own and operate. Chemicals, insurance, water, property taxes, energy costs, and regular maintenance are expenses that all add up over time.

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