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Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard that is sitting largely undisturbed? Are you dreading the maintenance required with keeping it up and running this summer, or is your pool simply looking a little…sketchy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to retire your pool. But what are the choices for getting rid of it? Here are four ideas for your unused, unloved pool:

Remove It

You have two basic choices for removing an inground swimming pool: partial or complete removal. During a partial removal, the pool is drained, holes are drilled in the bottom for drainage, the top 18 inches of the sides are crushed, the debris is spread on the bottom, and then the hole is backfilled and compacted. Complete pool removal involves completely demolishing and removing every component of the pool. Partial pool removals are less expensive and faster, but they leave your property with limitations. Some municipalities also may not permit partial removals, so it’s important to consult local restrictions. Complete removal costs more and takes more time but leaves the space free and clear.

Whichever form of pool demolition in NJ you choose, you’re left with a smooth, flat, sunny area that can be used for lawns, gardens, patios, play structures, and more.

Deck It

If pool removal isn’t in the cards (some backyard configurations can make it extremely difficult for demolition equipment to gain access), you can deck your pool. Your new deck can be built on wooden beams that are placed in the empty pool. Pumps and vents are installed to remove water and provide ventilation to prevent mold. The pool below remains intact.

Build-in It

Designers have developed innovative and creative ways for repurposing pools into sheds, studios, or other structures. The bones for a truly inspired space are right there in the ground; all that’s left for you to do is add a roof and your own unique decorating touches.

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Hibernate It

If you’re on the fence about your pool, place your pool into hibernation for a season. Install a cover to protect the pool and consult your pool company about treating the water to keep it clean and clear. This will give you time to determine if you miss the pool and if removal is actually what you want to do.

Talk to the Experts

For more advice about what to do with an unwanted pool, talk to Atlantic Pool Experts, your local pool demolition company in New Jersey. When it’s time for your pool to go, our contractors are here to answer all your questions and help you create a plan. Now is the perfect time to reinvent your backyard. Don’t spend another summer fiddling with a swimming pool you no longer want or enjoy. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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