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We have more than 60 years of experience as swimming pool removal contractors. We specialize in a variety of swimming pool demolition services. For in-ground pool removal, we have you covered!


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How We Work

Real Conversations

The pool demolition process begins with a no-obligation phone conversation with Allen, our owner. He will discuss with you any concerns and questions you may have regarding pool removal. You will be asked a few things about your pool so that we can better serve you. Then, if you choose to proceed with us, we set a time for a site visit that fits your schedule.

Site Inspection

At the no-cost, no-obligation site inspection, we will take various measurements and thoroughly inspect the pool and the overall site. We will look at the pool materials and other items that need to be removed such as fences, cabanas, etc. We also look at the landscaping features and plants which need to be saved. We will inspect the access to the pool area and choose the appropriate machinery from our fleet to complete your pool removal in the most efficient way and with the least amount of disturbance.

Detailed Quote, Contract, and Permits

Following the site inspection, you will receive a no-cost, no-obligation, itemized quote detailing the complete scope of work and a fixed cost. Upon approval of the quote, you will receive a contract with the complete scope of work and a payment schedule. Remember, Atlantic Pool Experts does not require a down payment and no payment is required until the day we begin the removal process. You will also receive a certificate of insurance.

Remember to always require a certificate of insurance from any contractor doing work on your property.

With the contract in place, Atlantic Pool Experts will then submit your permit application and begin preparing your pool for demolition, which includes marking existing utilities and removing the water. Once permits are approved and in hand, a demo date is scheduled.


The day of the demo, all utilities will be disconnected and the entire pool will be removed, including all steel, wood, concrete, and plastic materials as well as any pool equipment. All demo materials will be disposed of at an approved recycling facility. Some contractors may suggest a partial pool removal where the concrete is buried, as some municipalities allow this practice if the concrete is small enough. While Atlantic Pool Experts does not recommend partial removal, we will bury the pool if that is your preference. Our many years of experience have shown that, if you decide to sell your property in the future, partial pool removal can become a serious and costly problem, as land with a buried pool comes with significant restrictions.

Backfill and Compaction

After approval of township inspectors, the filling stage can proceed. Atlantic Pool Experts only uses fill material approved by the township inspector and our owners. Most fill material is taken from our own site so that the high quality of the material can be maintained. After the fill and compaction process, the area is graded for proper drainage, rocks are removed, and screened topsoil is graded over the area. All disturbed areas will then be hydroseeded. Unlike laying sod or applying dry seed, this seeding method uses a sprayer to spread grass seed, fertilizer, water, and other chemicals at one time to create healthy topsoil for your new lawn to grow. In addition, this method will help stop the weeds from growing, and prevent the weeds from returning, with no raking of straw like our previous method. You will receive thorough instructions on how to water the new lawn.

Atlantic Pool Experts will then get final approval of the job from township inspectors.

We guarantee all our work and always provide high-quality customer care.  A company owner works on every job from start to finish, so you’re always in good hands. This attention to fantastic service and exceptional standards has made Atlantic Pool Experts one of the finest swimming pool removal companies in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Trust Atlantic Pool Experts with your inground pool demolition and removal.


Free Estimates On Our Swimming Pool Demolition Services!

There is no point in having a swimming pool that is no longer functioning. Of course, it does cost a lot to maintain a pool in different seasons. Your real estate consultant may have already told you that your pool is hindering your property sale. A lot of homeowners have no idea how to get rid of a pool. At Atlantic Pool Experts, we make concrete pool removal easy. Give us a ring, and we’ll send our expert contractors straight to your door to inspect the site with no obligation and no cost to you. We’ll give you an itemized quote on the spot, and we’ll leave it to you to decide if you’d like to move ahead.

Why wait? Call us and get your old swimming pool demolished by our experts. We’ve been helping families just like yours with their pool removal needs throughout New Jersey for more than 60 years. Call us today for a free estimate.

Remember, we do not require a down payment, and no payment will be required until the day we begin the process.

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