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If you have an old pool that rarely gets used or requires more repairs than you’re willing to pay for, removing that pool may be the best option for your home. However, it’s essential that you not drag your feet about making this choice. A timely decision on pool removal in New Jersey can save you money and open up new opportunities for how you can use your backyard space. Please keep reading to find out why it’s important to time your decision correctly.

Save Money on Maintenance

Whether using your pool regularly or not, maintaining it can cost you hundreds of dollars monthly. The simple electrical costs of running the pool pump and other electrical equipment can be upwards of $150. Then, you also have the cost of adding water to the pool and balancing the chemicals, all of which come with extra costs. So, you lose hundreds of dollars every month you put off deciding to remove your pool.

Many pool owners can waffle on this decision for a year or more, costing themselves thousands of dollars in maintenance costs for a home feature they don’t even use. The sooner you take the plunge and decide to remove your unused pool, the more money you’ll save.

Get More Use Out of Your Backyard

If you’re not using your pool, it’s taking up space in your backyard that you could be using for something else. That space could be a beautiful vegetable garden, a fire pit to relax around with your friends, or a mobile office space that you can retreat to when you need to focus on a project. In economics, this is called an opportunity cost; you’re losing out on other opportunities to use your backyard because your pool occupies the space.

If there are other ways you can use your backyard that you’ll enjoy more, you’re missing out on that enjoyment every day that goes by without removing your pool.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Replacing a pool motor, patching leaks, and other repairs can cost thousands. If the regular maintenance costs aren’t motivation enough to remove an unused pool, there’s always the possibility that expensive repairs will crop up. It may be that you’ll decide to remove the pool after such a repair comes up, and you realize it’s not worth the cost any longer. However, the sooner you come to this decision, the less likely you will pay for costly repairs on a home feature you’re not using anymore.

Pool Removal Experts

Get Your Pool Remove at the Right Time

Removing your swimming pool can often be an emotional decision for many owners. Your pool may bring up memories of raising your children and spending summers together in the backyard with friends. However, it’s essential to put those emotions aside and recognize when your backyard pool no longer provides you with the same use and enjoyment it once did.

If you’re ready to start seriously considering fiberglass pool removal in New Jersey, contact Atlantic Pool Experts. We can advise you on the best time to remove your pool, and when you’re ready, our pool removal experts will come remove your pool as quickly as possible so that you can avoid monthly maintenance costs and expensive repairs, as well as getting more use out of your backyard again. Call now to schedule a consultation on your backyard pool removal.

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