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If you’re like most folks, this is the first question you ask when considering a backyard pool. At Atlantic Pool Experts, we’ve answered this question about fiberglass pools in Mercer County, NJ, for customers hundreds of times. We understand that price matters. That said, it’s tough to give an answer to this question in an article like this because the total cost of a pool depends on a lot of variables, including factors that depend on the specifics of your pool site.

The following information is intended to provide general education and a big picture, ballpark idea of costs for fiberglass pool installation in 2021. For an accurate estimate, please contact the team at Atlantic Pool Experts.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of a fiberglass pool can be broken down into the following components:

  • The shell
  • The installation
  • The deck
  • The special features and options

The Shell

These prices are averages only. Sizes, shapes, and features will vary the price up or down in each category.

  • Small shell, less the 26 feet long: $15,000
  • Medium shell, between 27 and 34 feet long: $17,000
  • Large shell, longer than 35 feet: $22,000

The Installation

The price range for installation runs from $40,000 to $90,000. Basic installation includes the following:

  • The shell
  • Shipping
  • The pump and filter system
  • Site excavation and backfilling
  • Water

Please note that installation estimates do include the price of the shell, which can vary, and do not include the cost of special features or deck work.

Why the wide range? First, of course, is the price of the shell. Beyond that, however, costs are dependent upon the specifics of your project and your site.

The Deck

Most installation projects involve adding a concrete deck or patio around the edge of the swimming pool. The final cost of this concrete work really depends on the size; bigger pools need a bigger deck.

The Special Features and Options

You can trick out your pool with endless special features and options. These items make your pool uniquely yours, but they also make your pool more expensive. Here are a few examples and average costs:

  • Automatic covers – $12,000
  • Salt chlorine generators – $2,000
  • Heat pumps – $5,500
  • Decorative tile – $3,000
  • LED lights – $800 each

How to Save Money

If you’d like to keep the cost of your pool down, here are a few tips:

  • Stay small. You and your kids will enjoy playing in your pool for hours every day, regardless of the size. Going bigger ratchets up the price, not the fun.
  • Stay shallow. Deep ends and diving boards are tempting, but they add significant cost and reduce the amount of play area in the pool.
  • Design a simple deck. Tiles, patterns, and extravagant decks add cost without really adding to the enjoyment of the pool. Plus, you can easily add on to your patio area later.
  • Skip extras. Again, expensive features like waterfalls, spas, and fancy lights look great but don’t really impact the amount of enjoyment you’ll get from the pool.
  • Choose fiberglass. Fiberglass pools are inexpensive to maintain and last a long time, which reduces ownership costs significantly.

Fiberglass Pool Installation NJ

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t followed along with your calculator, then we’ll do the math for you. A medium fiberglass pool with a concrete deck and a handful of basic options will average out in the neighborhood of $75,000. As is true for any major project, your total cost can move up or down dramatically. Atlantic Pool Experts has the answers to all your questions about backyard fiberglass pools. We’re the most experienced pool installers in New Jersey. Call today to get started.

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