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Fiberglass swimming pools are quickly taking over the pool market, having more than tripled their market share in the past ten years. Why are these pools so popular?

  • Fiberglass Pools are significantly stronger than concrete pools.
  • They have a smooth, maintenance-free interior surface.
  • They have the lowest long-term cost of ownership of any pool type.
  • They are quick to put in. Pool installation in NJ takes only about 2-3 weeks from beginning to end.
  • Fiberglass pools can go with you when you move.

If you’re ready to add a fiberglass swimming pool to your Monmouth or Mercer backyard, the following is a brief buyer’s guide:

Choosing a Pool


When it comes to choosing a shape, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s mostly personal preference. However, there are three things to consider:

  1. Size. Most manufacturers top out at pools that are about 16’ x 40’, measured from outside edge to outside edge. Larger pools can’t be transported on roads or highways.
  2. Swim space. Pool designs with elegant curves offer less swim space than rectangular models. Bulky steps or seating spaces will also cut into the swim area.
  3. Backyard design. From a design perspective, rectangular pools feel more formal than curved designs.

The team at Atlantic Pool Experts is available to explain your options and provide free consultations to help you choose a design that’s right for you.


Most people enjoy pools that go from 3’ in the shallow end to 5’-6’ in the deep end without a diving board. Anything deeper than this makes activities like volleyball or other pool games difficult. A diving board requires an 8’ depth. Diving boards are fun, but they severely limit the space available for additional play.

Options and Accessories

The following is a brief overview of the most common options:


The deck has a massive impact on the aesthetics of your pool. You’ll need to plan about 600 to 900 feet of patio space for comfortable walking and lounging for small groups. If you plan on big pool parties, you’ll want more space.

You have lots of options for materials. Talk to the team at Atlantic Pool Experts for more information about decking choices.

Waterline Tile

Waterline tile is ceramic or glass tile attached to the upper edge of the pool. Waterline tile is a beautiful addition and, combined with a colored surface finish, gives your pool an elegant, custom look.


Fiberglass pools use low voltage lights to illuminate the pool. Good lighting adds to the pool’s ambiance and allows you to enjoy the water even when the sun goes down.

Water Features

You have many options when it comes to adding interest to your fiberglass pol, including the following:

  • Cascades
  • Elevated walls with water features
  • Natural water features with boulders
  • Deck jets
  • Spas and hot tubs

Our design team will help you find ways to implement water features into your pool design.


Pool heaters are essential for extending your swimming season. You can choose natural gas/propane heaters or heat pumps. Without going into too much detail, the vital distinctions are these. Fuel-operated heaters give you complete control of your water temperature; you can heat the pool quickly to any temperature you want whenever you want. But these heaters are expensive and inefficient. Heat pumps are inexpensive to operate, but they heat slowly and only work once outside temperatures stay above 55 degrees.

Additional Pool Features

Pool Maintenance Accessories

Fiberglass pools are the most accessible pools to maintain, and these accessories make it even easier:

  • Automatic vacs
  • Saltwater chlorinators
  • Pool covers

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