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Is this the summer your backyard gets a swimming pool? If you’re still undecided, here are five things to consider before taking the plunge:

  1. Above-ground or In-ground
    Inground pools are attractive and provide a wide variety of design options, but they’re also expensive. Inground pools will cost upwards of $20,000 for materials and pool installation in NJ, while an above-ground pool kit can start as low as $1500. In addition to cost, above-ground pools have two distinct advantages. First, they can be installed quickly. If you’re ready for a pool now, many above-ground models can be installed in hours. Second, they are temporary. You can enjoy splashing around in your above-ground pool for as long as you want, and when you’re done, you can have it removed at minimal cost and disruption.
  2. Concrete or Fiberglass
    If an inground pool is your choice, then your next big decision is material. Fiberglass pools are easy to maintain and have a long life, but they come in limited sizes and configurations. Concrete pools have unlimited design potential but require much more maintenance. The team at Atlantic Pool Experts can explain your options and give you lifetime cost comparisons to guide your choice.
  3. Location
    Our pool experts will help you determine the best location in your backyard for a pool. A sunny spot away from trees and other features is ideal. Shady areas make swimming cold and create more pool maintenance. Location will also determine the size of the pool your yard can accommodate.
  4. Include Operating and Maintenance Costs in Your Budget
    The cost of pool installation is only one piece of the total cost of pool ownership. Pools require energy every month for running pumps, filters, and heaters. In addition, chemicals and cleaning are required to keep the water safe. You’ll also find that pools need other regular repairs and maintenance such as surface refinishing, tile replacements, and other minor repairs. Atlantic Pool Experts will help you understand all the costs associated with pool ownership so you can make the best financial decisions for your situation.
  5. Other Safety Concerns
    Pools require careful attention to safety. In many areas, fencing is required by law, but even if this isn’t the case in your locality, we highly recommend installing fencing with self-latching, self-closing doors, and motion alarms. Removing access ladders from above-ground pools is another important safety measure. Child-resistant covers are also a safety option; these serve a dual safety and maintenance function. And finally, update your insurance coverage, so you’re protected if the unspeakable happens.

Pool Installation New Jersey

The Right Contractor

Possibly the most important decision you can make is to choose the right pool contractor. Atlantic Pool Experts is the contractor to trust for above-ground, concrete, and fiberglass pool installation in NJ. We’ll assess your space, explain your options, and provide a free, no-obligation quote. We oversee the project from start to finish, including excavation, installation, fencing, and more.

If you’re ready to dive into a pool in your own backyard, call Atlantic Pool Experts today.

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