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It’s no big secret that owning a pool is…complicated. On the one hand, absolutely nothing beats relaxing by the pool, your private pool, on a warm summer day. There’s nothing quite like it. However, on the other hand, the cost of that privilege is measured in not insignificant amounts of time and money. The prices of water, electricity, chemicals, repairs, insurance, and general upkeep add up over time. If owning your inground pool has lost much of its luster, it might be time to have that pool removed. Swimming pool removal contractors can have that pool gone in almost no time at all.

What’s Does Pool Removal Involve?

Owners of inground pools have two choices when it comes to swimming pool removal in New Jersey. Inground pools can be partially or entirely removed.

  • Partial removal—Partial pool removal involves draining the pool, drilling holes in the bottom to allow for future soil drainage, demolishing the top 18 inches or so of the liner, and filling the pool area with the rubble and other soil. This process is relatively cost-effective but comes with restrictions for land use afterward.
  • Full removal—Full pool removal involves complete demolition and removal of the entire structure and its components. As you might imagine, full removal is the costlier option, but, if done correctly and with an engineering review, there are no restrictions on the land use when it’s done.

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What Can You Do in Your Yard Once the Pool is Gone?

Pool removal leaves a large, flat, sunny spot in your yard that’s ideal for any number of landscaping ideas and improvements. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Lawn. A soft, luscious, green lawn is the easy and obvious choice, and the flat, compact space left behind after removal of a pool is the perfect place for the yard of your dreams.
  • Garden. Vegetable gardens thrive in the sun. Add nutrient-rich soil to space, and you’ll have an ideal place to grow all the delicious, nutritious vegetables you’ve ever wanted.
  • Patio and Outdoor Living Area. Sure, the pool is gone, but that doesn’t mean your days of leisure in the backyard are over. A gorgeous patio, complete with fire pit, comfortable seating, and maybe even an outdoor kitchen will ensure that you have plenty of relaxing days outdoors ahead of you.
  • Play Area. Your pool removal site is the perfect place to install a swing set, play structure, or trampoline. Pools aren’t the only things kids enjoy outdoors, and, with the pool gone, you can send your kids outside to play without worrying about drowning or other pool-related accidents.

Make a Change to Your Backyard Today

Contact Atlantic Pool experts for pool removal in New Jersey. Our professional crews will have that pool out of your way in no time so you can start making your big backyard dreams a reality. Don’t wait; call for an estimate today.

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